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Learn, share, and experience the singing voice of ancient texts

The subscription service that lets you learn, share, and experience the beautiful singing voice of ancient texts.

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Welcome to TropeTrainer

Welcome to, the world's #1 web-based application for learning, teaching, and sharing trope.

Created under the guidance of an experienced Hazzan, TropeTrainer is for professional clergy, lay persons of all denominations, and anyone interested in learning trope. TropeTrainer includes all text of the Tanach - Torah (Five Books of Moses), Haftarah (Prophets), and Five Megillot (Writing). lets you search and access all of the ancient texts of the Israelites in multiple views (Vowels and Trope, Torah STaM, and Tikkun); Print Text; Record Your Voice; Bookmark for future access; and Customize a Reading.

Our proprietary Tutorial section is a benefit that sets us apart from any...

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TropeTrainer Features

Whether you are a professional in the field, a b’nai mitzvah tutor, a b’nai mitzvah student, someone who chants Torah, or someone who just wants to learn how to chant ancient texts, this site has everything you need to learn and teach trope.

Perpetual Calendar

TropeTrainer lets you view every parashah for every week of every year with our Perpetual Calendar. Even if you don’t know the specific name of the parashah you’re looking for, you can easily find it by looking for the specific Shabbat date.

Date Converter

Not sure of the Hebrew date for your birthday? Need to check to see what parashah is read on a particular date? Now, you can use TropeTrainer’s Date Converter to change any Hebrew Date to its Gregorian Calendar counterpoint. It works from Gregorian to Hebrew, too.


Bookmarks are a convenient way to keep all your important readings in one place. You can customize the name of all your Bookmarks. This is a great way for teachers to set up readings for several students. It’s also a great way for students or participants to keep track of multiple readings.

Customize a Reading

If you want to include only a few verses of a reading instead of the entire text, you can Customize a Reading and select only the verses that you want. You can customize the name of all your Custom Readings as well.

Multiple Text Views

The ability to toggle between text layouts with and without vowels and trope or as seen in a tikkun is paramount to your success. Start your learning with vowels and trope, move to the Hebrew only side as you improve or work with the text side-by-side.

Full Print Capabilities

Printing is easy with the web-based version of TropeTrainer. You can print to any printer or directly to a PDF file. All PDFs are saved on your local drive for easy sharing and emailing.

Whiteboard Layover

Our Whiteboard technology lets you add notes directly to your Readings. Once you markup your page, you can print or save it as a PNG for future recall and sharing.

Record Your Voice

Record Your Own Voice for instant playback or download it to your computer to name, save and recall later or share.

Highlight Trope Phrases

To further assist your learning, you can color all the trope phrases in Torah, Haftarah and Megillot text views. AND it's completely customizable in the Settings!

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